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Blog Roundup for March 1st, 2015 Anniversary Gluten-Free EatUP!

Village Voice: Fork in The Road
“If your gluten-free cupboard is bare these days, it makes sense to stock up at this pop-up market”
“The Gluten-Free EatUP!, offering up a bevy of gluten-free products for on-site eating and also taking home for later.”
The Skint
“bonus: a raffle benefitting columbia university’s celiac disease center includes chances to win tasty treats”
“16. Gorge through the gluten-free utopia of your dreams at Freddy’s Bar. (Sunday)”
Markets of New York City

PARK SLOPE STOOP:  Hey, We Made the List:  The 2014 annual Park Slope 100, highlighting all the great people, places, things from the past year: 

Deb Goldstein  (The Gluten Free EatUP! ) for making tasty gluten-free options more accessible around the neighborhood.

EDIBLE BROOKLYN  10 Brooklyn Markets That you Should Eat and Drink at While It’s Summer Gluten Free EatUp!:  Can you imagine a place where you can eat every single, delectable morsel there? For people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, or even people who avoid gluten by choice, this idea has been just a dream — until the Gluten Free EatUP! New on the scene, this market features strictly gluten-free foods that are also tasty by any standards.

VILLAGE VOICE – FORK IN THE ROAD  The Four Best Food Events in NYC this Weekend  ( 5/30)  If finding tasty gluten-free foods — or people who share in your dietary restrictions — is a challenge for you, make it a point to check out this pop-up market. 

SOUTH SLOPE NEWS :  New Monthly Market Explores The Tasty Side of Gluten-Free  “We sat down with market founder Deb Goldstein to learn a bit more about living gluten-free, how the market came about, and what delectable goodies we can look forward to at Freddy’s.”

DNAinfo  South Slope Bar to Host Gluten-Free Pop Up I like to think of it as a party where there’s a lot more food than usual that someone who’s gluten-free can eat,” said organizer Deb Goldstein.

HARLEM FOOD LOCAL:  Cheating on Harlem: NYC’s First Ever Gluten Free EatUP!  …packed it was, and once we got over the initial shock of seeing so many other GF die-hards, we elbowed our way through to just about every table in the place.  We sampled practically everything and chatted with the Gluten-Free Geniuses behind the locally made artisanal snacks and sauces and breads and sweets.  We had a great time and got to eat a ton of things we never thought we would be able to enjoy again (hello!?! Whoever thought I would be able to eat amaretti cookies ever again?!?!)  Levine’s General – Yum Pie:    Imagine how delighted I was when I saw the golden flaky crust of the Yum Pies.  We ordered both flavors, and  simply put, these Yum Pies were empanada voodoo.  Though the filling was great, I was intrigued by the light flaky crunch of the dough, and loved every bite of these treats.  

GLUTEN FREE JET SET  All the way from Washington DC: Gluten Free EatUP Review

 If this sounds too good to be true, I can assure you that it is amazing and very real!

GLUTEN FREE STEPH   New York City’s First Gluten-Free Foodie Even

I’m very excited to report that NYC has an official gluten-free foodie market that offers delicious, locally made food that’s free to attend!

NY1 – Markets of New York Spring Market Segment by Karen Seiger

The Gluten Free Eat UP! by the new company Levine’s General Store – It was a grand experiment that killed, and took off… Karen Seiger Markets of New York Sunday June 1 @freddy’s bar

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