Become a Vendor


Do you have a gluten-free product?

Interested in selling at the Gluten-Free EatUP! and other events hosted by Levine’s General Store?  We want to hear from you.  

Get on our radar.  We would love to hear about you and your product. 

Please fill out a general application:

Click Here: Vendor Application

Or, contact us at:

Please be advised that items must be made with all gluten-free ingredients and you may be asked to provide samples and more information.

You will be notified approximately 1-2 weeks after applying.

Our next market will take place on Sunday March 1st, 2014  @

Freddy’s Bar and Backroom

in South Slope Brooklyn.


The Gluten-Free EatUP! Market goal is to feature local/indie folks/brands/products who are making the best versions of gluten-free foods, with the greatest understanding of what it means to be gluten-free from the customer who has Celiac auto-immune disease to those who are intolerant to the individual who chooses to avoid gluten. Your care and knowledge about ingredients, and avoiding cross-contamination and being able to discuss this with customers is a must for the market.



For some folks, eating gluten-free can be: a matter of life and death and chronic pain, (celiac disease, intolerance, sensitivity), a matter of feeling “whole” and healthy for others, a choice, a lifestyle or something to try. Whatever the reason, gluten-free foods don’t have to be sad and tasteless. Our goal is to present some of our favorite merchants and gluten-free products, in a fun and casual setting. So, EatUP!

We Have Taste Buds

Just because you have stopped eating certain foods, doesn’t mean you have to live with out taste. You still have cravings! We believe in the gooey, the crunchy, the salty, the sweet, the healthy and the guilty pleasures. It can all be done, gluten-free, taste-full.

We Adore Food

Good food brings people together. We come to this endeavor with so many people in mind, you and you and you, as well as our own family and history of celiac disease, great cooks and good times around assorted delicious foods(you know, the kind of folks who sit at one meal while planning the next?). When you are gluten-free, sometimes you feel like you are on the “outside.”   Not at the EatUP!

Try a Bite

Meet local merchants, discover new foods, some items less likely found at your local grocer, and new favorites. Delectable delights that would never have gluten, and appetizing adaptations of foods that traditionally have gluten.

Socialize and mingle as we share gluten-free foods we have tasted and love, and want to share with you.

Eat. Meet. Be Free.



Sponsored by

Levine’s General Store Gluten Free Provisions & Kimcheelicious Crafty Fermented Food Designer



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