Upstate NY Gluten-Free Haven Part Two: Happy Belly Bakery and Farmer’s Markets

Along with hikes, and ponds, and alpaca farms and chickens, and chasing thunderclouds, a big part of summer probably most anywhere, and especially in the Columbia County, NY and surroundings – is experiencing the farmer’s markets, in their abundant glory. Hudson Farmers Markt An excellent gluten-free (and otherwise) cook and master griller, my brother wanted to make sure we made it first to Hudson Farmers Market ( in Hudson!) for vegetables, maple almond butter from Tierra Farm, pickles, and….mochi sticky buns from Happy Belly Bakery of Hudson, 100% gluten-free. Already sold out of the sticky-buns by 10am, we persevered and bought a few loaves of their nut/grain bread, and a chocolatey chocolate brownie treat for my niece.

Happy Belly Mult Grain Bread Photo Credit: Daniel Goldstein

Happy Belly Nut/Grain Gluten-Free Bread Photo Credit: Daniel Goldstein

The next day, we hit the Valatie Farmers Market.  Here, we spent quite a bit of time, tasting, buying and talking again with Happy Belly owner and baker Monica Jerminario, and her husband, who helps man their stand, in between also working at Tierra Farms. If memory serves ( which honestly it does not always) Monica suffered for many years and through college with various debilitating ailments, until finally (after many medical professionals insisting it was in her head or some such) the root of all was found to be the effects of malabsorption from gluten. ie. she had Celiac Disease. image4Monica stopped eating gluten, and never turned back.  She worked in restaurant kitchens, with gluten, and eventually as a matter of course started baking and cooking inventive and experimental gluten-free creations.  Monica likes to infuse flavors from various cultures, and unlikely combinations, among her sweets and savories.  Likewise, they have those hard to find items like “wrap” bread for sandwiches, baquettes, and farm fresh fruit baked goods.    Many items are vegan as well, and organic ingredients are used whenever possible. Ingredients are always listed with items. I am a savory food lover, so I just had to try the Zaatar Flat Bread. Mmmm, image4mmmmm. Holy smokes.  Drizzled with an almost tangy olive oil, cheese, a gooey kind of succulent dough, I was a happy market goer.  Once my niece had a taste, it was no longer mine and I had to purchase a second.  The heat of the day, actually enhanced the yumminess in my opinion. After gobbling up the Zaatar bread it became obvious that I would have to buy the garlic knots ( I mean really, c’mon).

Happy Belly can be found most weekend’s at the Hudson and Valatie Farmers Markets.  I urge you to take a road trip, follow them on Facebook, and keep them on your radar.  Say hi from Deb! image9


image8For a  full list of Columbia County Farmer’s Markets and Vendors, click here  FullSizeRender What kind of gluten-free surprises have you found or made on your summer travels? Stay cool, not hungry my friends. Yours, Deb


The girl loves her farm fresh corn.


Upstate NY a Gluten-Free Haven Part One: On the Road

With the bevy of farmers markets and abundant veggies and fruits available in the summer FullSizeRendertime, summery travels and gluten-free eating feels a little bit easier.  ( Imagine finding a field of wild blueberries on a hike – free food! free gluten-free food at that.)
Lucky enough to spend a few days in Columbia County, NY, aside from a cool and beautiful respite from the city hustle and bustle, upstate NY, also proved to be a haven for Gluten-Free baked goods, and fresh food finds as well, at many a turn.

Driving along the Taconic Parkway, just before hitting Pawling NY, I was ready for a loo pit stop and a coffee.  A beacon on the road, low and behold, not a McDonald’s rather there was The Todd HillTaste of NY rest stop.  On line for said loo, I was surprised and totally delighted to find baked goods from gluten-free twinkling star Ella’s Bellas.  Hold everything!  Essentially, if I am to eat a chocolate chip cookie, I want it to be from Ella’s Bellas.  Naturally I had to buy a bag ( ok two) of the chocolate salted chocolate chip cookies.  I would have been a fool not to!  En route to visit my sweet niece, (diagnosed just about 3 years ago with Celiac Disease) isn’t that what an auntie is for, to create diversions from their otherwise healthy, homemade eating? (Shhhh).    ellas

Lo and behold, there on the shelves, also, another fave, gluten-free bread and biscotti from near by Chatham Bakery and Cafe.  We make our image1specialty Levine’s General Grilled Cheese sandwiches with this bread, purchased at Union Square farmer’s market, but had never been to the actual cafe. I knew we would be hitting their cafe – so I left that purchase for later.   Other snacks abound, with Certified Gluten-Free labels.  This was not your average rest stop for sure.

A lovely afternoon lunch was had over the weekend at Our Daily Bread, Chatham Gluten-Free Bakery. Finally I could experience the cafe first hand.  Everyone who works at the cafe, is knowledgeable, friendly, and wholly accommodating. My niece had specially made gluten-free waffles with fruit.  I had a classic veggie sandwich on the “rye” caraway bread.  Blissful simplicity.  The only suggestion I would make ( okay, I’m making it) is that I find their bread is better when lightly toasted.  What’s better than a lightly toasted sandwich anyway?  All and all it was just really nice to be out and about, and feel safe with good fresh foods and gluten-free baked goods.

chathamb  Below: Upstate NY Gluten-Free Haven Part Two:  Happy Belly Bakery of Hudson…

Meet The Maker: This Pie is Nuts!

When life gives you lemons, go nuts, make pie!

A welcoming cheer to baker Diana Cornell, creator of This Pie is Nuts! – individual pies, made entirely out of nuts, nothing processed – nutrient packed – with luxurious fillings and a crunchy crust. (9″ pies available for special order).

Twenty years ago Diane was given the debilitating diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. “I was told there was no cure and that there was nothing, aside from some medicine to keep it at bay, that I could do to stop it. I decided that one way to ensure my health would be to take better take control of my diet. I wanted to continue eating good tasting food, but I wanted to avoid anything that wasn’t good for me.” Thus began her adventure towards starting her own food business.

This Pie is Nuts LogoFor months I had been hearing quite a positive buzz about Diana’s Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-free pies. Finally when I stumbled upon her booth at Bryant in Park in December (it was very busy, I might add) I learned first hand (first mouth? ) what the fuss was all about. Diana’s energy is infectious, and I have complete admiration for the fact that she started her own dedicated gluten-free kitchen, and a product that resonates with so many, in just under a year. That’s nuts!

Meet Diana at the First Anniversary Gluten-Free EatUP! on Sunday March 1st –  With flavors like chocolate mousse, coconut cream, key lime and sweet potato pie, I wish you the best of luck in choosing!

Visit This Pie is Nuts to learn more.

post by Deb

First Anniversary Gluten-Free EatUP! Celebration

Levine’s General Store

First Anniversary Gluten-Free EatUP!

A celebration of locally crafted, gluten-free, taste-full foods.

Meet the Makers. Mingle. Eat. Be Free.

Where:  Freddy’s Bar & Backroom

627 Fifth Avenue, South Slope Brooklyn, NY

When: Sunday March 1, 2015     1pm to 6pm

Entrance is Free.

Raffles! Tote Bags! GLUTENBERG BEER and Good Vibes at the bar!

The Gluten-Free EatUP! is Turning One!  Join us to celebrate an afternoon of locally crafted, gluten-free, taste-full foods that just might knock your woolen socks off.   You deserve a break from hibernation, so spring on over because New York City’s first and only, all gluten-free pop up market is back in town.

Hosted by Levine’s General Store: Gluten-Free Provisions and housed in the welcoming, local stalwart Freddy’s Bar in South Slope Brooklyn, the First Anniversary market features new and returning merchants, $5 American Pale Ale and tasting from our Sponsor Glutenberg Beer (GF),  A chance to win tickets to The Daily Show and other raffle items, benefiting the *Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, and good vibes all around.

The Innovators Are:
·      Levine’s General StoreSavory Yum Pieempanadas, Grilled KimCheese on  bread from
       The Gluten Free Bakery of Chatham NY, Kickin’Mac-n-Cheesemade with imported Italian pasta from our Pasta Sponsor Taste Up Foods.
·      Kimcheelicious Tangy small batch vegan kimchi – almost as good as a Korean grandma’s.
·      Sans Bakery Donuts and ginger cookies to weep for and other baked goods from this trailblazing bakery.
·      Gone Pie All matter of vegan baked goods, chocolate treats…and, you guessed it, pie!
·      Krumville Bakeshop Focaccia, amaretti cookies and classic baked goods from this Italian influenced baker.
·      Polvilho Bakery Bite into a taste of Brazil withYuPuffs, artisanal, baked and naturally gluten-free snacks. Addictive!
·      Smart Snack Bites Decadent confections and truffles with Indian spiced influences.
·      This Pie is Nuts Individual squares of Certified Paleo and vegan pie with luxurious fillings, key lime to chocolate mousse.
·      Cali Girl Bakes New on the scene, this Harlem based baking company crafting classic treats like biscotti, lemon pound cake, cookies and more.
·      Kulushkat Stepping out from their Brooklyn restaurant to serve up their kosher, and gluten-free Israeli salads and cuisine.

Facebook Invite and RSVP:   (Event is Free)

Whether motivated by Celiac Disease, intolerance, sensitivity, general health or curiosity, more and more people are seeking gluten-free foods. The choices don’t have to be sad and boring.  Come by and meet the makers, sample, eat and shop.   Revel in the culinary delights of vendors offering baked goods, hot savory comfort foods; sweet, salty, crunchy, (naughty), small batch treats, and healthy snacks.  When you are gluten-free, sometimes it feels like you are on the outside. Not at the EatUP!  

In celebration of our First Anniversary, a GF EatUP! Fun Bag will be up for raffle.  Prizes will feature graciously donated yummy treats from our event merchants, and from some of our favorite, far away, yet locally minded partners:  Brŭlee Bakery – Pennsylvania based gluten-free artisan bakery, delicate cookies by the enchanting, Chef Lila (2010 James Beard Scholarship winner) and Kim and Jake’s Gluten-Free Bakery a husband and wife team establishment from Boulder, Colorado offering breads and buns!
Raffle proceeds to benefit the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University
Freddy’s Bar
627 5th Avenue
Between 17th and 18th Street
R Train to Prospect Avenue Station
B63 Bus to the bar door!
**Children under 21 must be accompanied by an adult, permitted in the backroom only.

And the EatUP! Summer Edition Vendors Are….

We’ve got the World Cup on the big screen.  Scream for free ice-cream…and all of these gluten-free treats!

Sample. Purchase. Test Skills at Home
🙂  Tease your Taste Buds Imported Italian Classics  Taste Up Foods importer of classic Italian cookies, bread crumbs and pasta from Italy’s finest and most advanced allergen and gluten free facilities.  
Levine’s General Store will be serving up Mac n Cheese with said pasta.  Your cravings satisfied here.
🙂  Bring Your Appetite for the finest tastiest GF Grilled Cheese or Grilled Kimcheese around, by Levine’s & Kimcheelicious on Chatham Bakery Bread. Served with chips!  Purchase said bread and kimchee and practice your skills at home.
Also on deck…
🙂  It’s a Scream The “Free Trifecta” from one of the top ice-cream experts in the world DFMavens will be giving away Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Ice-Cream for Free!
🙂  Brazil is in the House  Salve the stress of World Cup viewing with Polvilho Bakery puffed cassava crunchy satisfying snacks, a favorite of Brazil.  Buy a bag and watch the game!
🙂  Savor This  Levine’s General Store returns with their signature Yum Pies hand held savory pockets.  The Knishka potato and kale and the Chana chicpea, curry & rice.
🙂  Awesomest of Ginger Cookies and the mellowest and tastiest baked treats from market fave, Sans Bakery.
🙂  Sweet Vegan that’s Good   Lucky as ever to have Gone Pie serving up decadent baked goods and sweets and…of course, pie.
🙂  Dreamy Sweetness welcome aboard Izzy & Em’s small batch, organic, cookies.  Apricot and pistachio, Oatmeal and raisin. Your new favorite treat.


🙂   Fortify & Energize Returning from our debut market I Heart Keenwah will be sporting their high protein, crunchy, packed with flavor and nutrition quinoa snacks.


And cold bottles of Bard’s Beer for sale at the bar. 





Mac n Cheese and Lots of Ups!

This month, on Sunday July 13th we are fortunato. Happy to welcome Emilio Vozzolo, founder of Taste Up Foods an importer of classic Italian treats and pasta – straight from Italy, all gluten-free.  Italy is a leader in Celiac Awareness and relief for it’s citizens (a food stipend if you have Celiac!)  and in creating foods that are not only gluten-free and delicious, but made in fully dedicated facilities.

Emilio will show off his supply of classic cookies, bread crumbs, and pasta.  And, Levine’s General Store took on the oh so relentless task 🙂 of developing a mighty tasty classic Mac n Cheese with pasta from Taste Up Foods.  Look for this on the menu for Sunday.  Taste the awesome at the EatUP! and purchase some pasta to test your skills at home.


Taste Up Foods LogoTaste up Amor Di

Taste Up Honey Cookies Taste Up Viva pasta Levines mac n cheese

Gluten Free and Vegan Treats Gone Wild – By Gone Pie

On Sunday June 1st at the next Gluten Free EatUP!  Barbara Sitomer of Gone Pie returns with her vegan and gluten free sweets and treats. And yes, pie!

Admission is FREE. As always…


Salted caramel peanut butter cup

A slice of pecan pie…


And the Vendors are…

Spring Edition: Sunday June 1st – Line Up

Levine’s General Store will be serving up their “empanditas” Yum Pies,  hand-held pockets with savory yumness.  The Chana chicpea curry or The Knishka potato and kale served with  dipping sauces. Vegan

Antonio Limuaco of Kimcheelicious (and co-organizer of The EatUP!)  recently a featured food and demonstration presenter  at Kickstarter’s 5th Anniversary celebrations, will have jars of his Korean influenced tangy, zinger kimchee,  ssamjang on rice with pepitas and more surprises.   Get ’em early, it may be fermented, but these jars surely won’t last.

Levine’s General Store and Kimcheelicious  featured item: The KimCheese and Classic hot pressed sandwiches on the ineffable bread from The Gluten Free Bakery of Chatham  NY.  

Loaves of  Caraway and Sandwich bread will also be for sale!

After a year of courting, we are over the moon to present Ella’s Bellas Bakery from Beacon NY.  An unexpected stop to this dedicated gf bakery/cafe  ( and now also bar) upstate, we encountered a most favorite chocolate chip cookie (gluten free or otherwise!).  We are excited to finally welcome our new friend to Brooklyn – at the EatUP! for the first time.

Barbara Sitomer creator of Gone Pie Vegan and Gluten Free chocolatey, delectable sweets and baked goods, returns with the classics …and some new surprises…

Follow the cobblestone roads… Gilda Penna of  Gee’s Gluten-Free Italian Imports   returns with her some of the absolute best selections of Italian gluten free pasta and other decadent treats.  Samples of pasta will be available in conjunction with…

City Saucery  handcrafted Italian sauces Nonna and will be serving up a mouth watering GF Italian Pasta dish to sample.  

Welcome for the first time Lise and Melinda of  Nuts and Bolts of Brooklyn delighting us with handcrafted, organic, vegan, gf baked treats, and granola made with certified gluten free oats.

Bite into a taste of Brazil, with the addictive crunch of  Polvilho Bakery’s artisanal version of this national Brazilian snack time favorite, brought to you by Daniela Martins-Schwarzbauer.

A hearty welcome back to debut market vendor and the all around good guys Dave and Darren of ChicaPeas.  Stock up on the bursting protein crunch of  a deliciously healthful snack.

Stay tuned for a few surprises…from Levine’s General Store… And…Bottles of Bard’s Beer  or New Planet Beer at the Bar, and enjoy it inside or in the eclectic outdoor space at Freddy’s! 




Meet the Maker: Sans Bakery

A cup of coffee and surprise surprise, a gluten free ginger cookie in an east village cafe, is where I first encountered the baked good musings of Erica Fair’s Sans Bakery.   A self proclaimed relentless goof ball (my kind of people), with a successful career in fashion, her career change is our reward.  “In 2009, Erica took a break from the nitty-gritty New York City to explore international fashion industries and lived in Japan, Guam and New Zealand.  While living in New Zealand she worked in a gluten free bakery and found the experience enlightening and very rewarding.”  (

When Erica returned in 2010 she “traded in her sewing machine”  to open up her own gluten free bakery.

We are happy to welcome Sans Bakery to the first Gluten Free EatUP!  in Brooklyn, on Sunday February 9 – ginger cookies, and other surprises just for us are on the docket.

Sans Bakery’s mission is “to put a smile on your face by offering baked goods that are so delicious, you would never believe they are Gluten Free!”


Muffins, Bagels, Brownies, Cookies and More

Muffins, Bagels, Brownies, Cookies and More

Learn more about Sans Bakery

Gluten Free Ginger Chew CookieGluten Free Blueberry Muffin