Cali Girl Bakes Gluten Free Baking Co. Meet the Maker

Here Comes the Sun:    Meet Cali Girl Bakes – a new gluten-free baking company based in Harlem NY, by way of sunny California.  Co-founder Tatianna Gonzalez is sure to bring (some much needed) sunshine and warming classic baked goods , to the Gluten-Free EatUP! Anniversary market on Sunday March 1st.

10890642_1528022604114713_891134858_nJust months after receiving a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts – it was confirmed that Tatianna had a gluten sensitivity. She then started on her path to learn and master the science and art of gluten-free baking.  Late nights and many experiments later, just less than a year ago, Cali Girl Bakes launched.

Naming Rights Founder Tatianna Gonzalez says: Our name Cali Girl Bakes comes from a nickname I was given by my fiance/business partner and friends when I was the “new girl” around. The nickname stuck around and during my long nights of gluten-free recipe testing my fiance would tell me, “Cali Girl, you can do it!”, it was the perfect name for our company and holds a great sense of meaning for us.

We are excited to welcome Cali Girl Bakes for their GF EatUP! debut.   Saving up our appetite too…

Tickle your tongue and follow the instagram @caligirlbakes_gf  

From festive and classic cakes, to chocolate chip and gingerbread cookies, biscotti, and seasonal pies and tarts.  and

caligirlbakesbiscottie caligirlbakeslogoCaliGirlBakesCake


And the EatUP! Summer Edition Vendors Are….

We’ve got the World Cup on the big screen.  Scream for free ice-cream…and all of these gluten-free treats!

Sample. Purchase. Test Skills at Home
🙂  Tease your Taste Buds Imported Italian Classics  Taste Up Foods importer of classic Italian cookies, bread crumbs and pasta from Italy’s finest and most advanced allergen and gluten free facilities.  
Levine’s General Store will be serving up Mac n Cheese with said pasta.  Your cravings satisfied here.
🙂  Bring Your Appetite for the finest tastiest GF Grilled Cheese or Grilled Kimcheese around, by Levine’s & Kimcheelicious on Chatham Bakery Bread. Served with chips!  Purchase said bread and kimchee and practice your skills at home.
Also on deck…
🙂  It’s a Scream The “Free Trifecta” from one of the top ice-cream experts in the world DFMavens will be giving away Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Ice-Cream for Free!
🙂  Brazil is in the House  Salve the stress of World Cup viewing with Polvilho Bakery puffed cassava crunchy satisfying snacks, a favorite of Brazil.  Buy a bag and watch the game!
🙂  Savor This  Levine’s General Store returns with their signature Yum Pies hand held savory pockets.  The Knishka potato and kale and the Chana chicpea, curry & rice.
🙂  Awesomest of Ginger Cookies and the mellowest and tastiest baked treats from market fave, Sans Bakery.
🙂  Sweet Vegan that’s Good   Lucky as ever to have Gone Pie serving up decadent baked goods and sweets and…of course, pie.
🙂  Dreamy Sweetness welcome aboard Izzy & Em’s small batch, organic, cookies.  Apricot and pistachio, Oatmeal and raisin. Your new favorite treat.


🙂   Fortify & Energize Returning from our debut market I Heart Keenwah will be sporting their high protein, crunchy, packed with flavor and nutrition quinoa snacks.


And cold bottles of Bard’s Beer for sale at the bar. 





Mac n Cheese and Lots of Ups!

This month, on Sunday July 13th we are fortunato. Happy to welcome Emilio Vozzolo, founder of Taste Up Foods an importer of classic Italian treats and pasta – straight from Italy, all gluten-free.  Italy is a leader in Celiac Awareness and relief for it’s citizens (a food stipend if you have Celiac!)  and in creating foods that are not only gluten-free and delicious, but made in fully dedicated facilities.

Emilio will show off his supply of classic cookies, bread crumbs, and pasta.  And, Levine’s General Store took on the oh so relentless task 🙂 of developing a mighty tasty classic Mac n Cheese with pasta from Taste Up Foods.  Look for this on the menu for Sunday.  Taste the awesome at the EatUP! and purchase some pasta to test your skills at home.


Taste Up Foods LogoTaste up Amor Di

Taste Up Honey Cookies Taste Up Viva pasta Levines mac n cheese

Sunday June 1st The Gluten Free EatUP! Market is here

Free to Attend!

A marketplace of locally crafted, gluten-free goodies takes bite.
Sunday June 1, 2014   1pm to 6pm
627 Fifth Avenue, South Slope Brooklyn, NY
Between 17th and 18th Street
R Train to Prospect Avenue Station
B63 Bus to the bar door!

Gluten Free Beer.  Eclectic Outdoor Seating Area. A Good Time Afternoon Hang.

Sample. Purchase. Test Skills at Home 

🙂  Tease your Taste Buds Imported Italian GF Pasta from Gee’s Gluten Free Imports paired with fresh small batch sauce from City Saucery.   Purchase said pasta and sauce and make your own creations at home.

🙂  Bring Your Appetite for the finest tastiest GF Grilled Cheese or Grilled Kimcheese around, from by Levine’s & Kimcheelicious kimchee on Chatham Bakery Bread. Served with chips!  Purchase said bread and kimchee and practice your skills at home.

Also on deck…

🙂  Savor This  Levine’s General Store returns with their signature Yum Pies savory the Knishka potato and kale and the Chana chicpea and sweet potato.

🙂 Try a New Favorite  Warm spicy Ssamanja on rice with pepitas from Kimcheelicious. Also available to take home.

🙂 Awesomest of Chocolate Chip Cookies and Baguettes from Ella’s Bellas of Beacon NY, gluten free dedicated bakery and cafe. Mind blowing treats. Cookie mix to take home too!

🙂  Sweet Vegan that’s Good  Gone Pie graces us with her decadent baked goods and sweets and…of course, pie. 

🙂  Brazil is in the House   Polvilho Bakery puffed cassava crunchy satisfying snacks, a favorite of Brazil.  Stock up for your World Cup viewing parties. 

🙂   Stay Together with Nuts and Bolts’ organic, vegan, baked goods, special treats and granola.

🙂   Fortify & Energize newcomer Bija Bhar a vegan, gluten free, 100% organic, seed based snack that eats like a treat while supporting the demands of your day. 


**Children permitted in the backroom only, accompanied by an adult.

See you at The EatUP!


The Gluten Free EatUP! is a Banner Event.


Sunday June 1st – follow the signs to the EatUP!  Just in, our new banner…we kinda really love it.

Event is free, but why not RSVP for vendor updates?:   June EatUP INVITE

banner image



Gluten Free and Vegan Treats Gone Wild – By Gone Pie

On Sunday June 1st at the next Gluten Free EatUP!  Barbara Sitomer of Gone Pie returns with her vegan and gluten free sweets and treats. And yes, pie!

Admission is FREE. As always…


Salted caramel peanut butter cup

A slice of pecan pie…


Meet the Maker: Carley Franklin Hughes of Ella’s Bellas


It was a hot hot summer day, last June.  I was on an architectural salvage day trip with my friend Phyllis of Reclaimed Home  (now a store in Brooklyn, you should go).
Phyllis used to live in Beacon NY, and we stopped by to visit some of her friends, one of them being the owner of Beacon Natural Market, the local grocery.  I was heavily into gluten free product research at the time and Kitty, the owner said “You must go to Ella’s Bellas down the block – all gluten free bakery – it’s delicious.”
That was an understatement.  Greeted by the tastefully rustic, cozy cafe environment, soups, salads, quiches on offer  – I felt like I was standing in the kind of establishment I could only dream of going to in Brooklyn.   It was late in the day, and they were clearly sold out of many items ( not surprisingly! ).  In awe, I just pointed to a few items – that, that, that, that – paid, and we shuffled off back to Brooklyn.   How was I to know I was going to bite into, the most favorite chocolate chip cookie of my life?  Note I did not say the greatest gluten free cookie of my life.   Oh yes, it was gluten free alright, and delicious, not just “delicious for gluten free” as people tend to say.  Gooey, with a crunch, not too sweet, masterfully indulgent, delicious. Period.  Don’t get me started on the cinnamon bun.
ImageAnd thus began my “courting” (stalking?) of the creator of this charming bakery.  Carley Franklin Hughes, is the baker and vision behind Ella’s Bellas, named after her five year old daughter.  Despite numerous attempts we have yet to meet, (clones, we need clones!).  But through emails and phone and another visit to the bakery ( when she wasn’t there) it easy to learn that she is a sparkling powerhouse, a woman on the go, with humor and wit, and a growing amazing cafe, (now with alcohol!).   Our begging has finally pulled off, and Levine’s General Store, is pleased to finally announce that Ella’s Bellas of Beacon will be setting up shop at the June 1st  EatUP!
Carley started her business doing wholesale in 2009 and gradually with the support of her husband and the demand of the citizens of Beacon, expanded to the storefront cafe that now delights residents and visitors of the Hudson Valley.   On June 1st, you don’t want to miss the chocolate chip cookies, baguettes, and other baked surprises.  A year in the making – Beacon is coming to Brooklyn – by way of Ella’s Bellas!    Can you tell we are excited?
Be sure to visit when in the area, or make a day trip!
Yay! ImageImageImage

And the Vendors are…

Spring Edition: Sunday June 1st – Line Up

Levine’s General Store will be serving up their “empanditas” Yum Pies,  hand-held pockets with savory yumness.  The Chana chicpea curry or The Knishka potato and kale served with  dipping sauces. Vegan

Antonio Limuaco of Kimcheelicious (and co-organizer of The EatUP!)  recently a featured food and demonstration presenter  at Kickstarter’s 5th Anniversary celebrations, will have jars of his Korean influenced tangy, zinger kimchee,  ssamjang on rice with pepitas and more surprises.   Get ’em early, it may be fermented, but these jars surely won’t last.

Levine’s General Store and Kimcheelicious  featured item: The KimCheese and Classic hot pressed sandwiches on the ineffable bread from The Gluten Free Bakery of Chatham  NY.  

Loaves of  Caraway and Sandwich bread will also be for sale!

After a year of courting, we are over the moon to present Ella’s Bellas Bakery from Beacon NY.  An unexpected stop to this dedicated gf bakery/cafe  ( and now also bar) upstate, we encountered a most favorite chocolate chip cookie (gluten free or otherwise!).  We are excited to finally welcome our new friend to Brooklyn – at the EatUP! for the first time.

Barbara Sitomer creator of Gone Pie Vegan and Gluten Free chocolatey, delectable sweets and baked goods, returns with the classics …and some new surprises…

Follow the cobblestone roads… Gilda Penna of  Gee’s Gluten-Free Italian Imports   returns with her some of the absolute best selections of Italian gluten free pasta and other decadent treats.  Samples of pasta will be available in conjunction with…

City Saucery  handcrafted Italian sauces Nonna and will be serving up a mouth watering GF Italian Pasta dish to sample.  

Welcome for the first time Lise and Melinda of  Nuts and Bolts of Brooklyn delighting us with handcrafted, organic, vegan, gf baked treats, and granola made with certified gluten free oats.

Bite into a taste of Brazil, with the addictive crunch of  Polvilho Bakery’s artisanal version of this national Brazilian snack time favorite, brought to you by Daniela Martins-Schwarzbauer.

A hearty welcome back to debut market vendor and the all around good guys Dave and Darren of ChicaPeas.  Stock up on the bursting protein crunch of  a deliciously healthful snack.

Stay tuned for a few surprises…from Levine’s General Store… And…Bottles of Bard’s Beer  or New Planet Beer at the Bar, and enjoy it inside or in the eclectic outdoor space at Freddy’s! 




Meet the Importer: Gee’s Italian Gluten Free Imports

We are over the Luna to welcome Gilda Penna of Gee’s Gluten Free Imports, LLC   an importer of fine gluten free Italian delights, to the second Gluten-Free EatUP! this Sunday March 9.

Gees Gilda

We first met Gilda last fall at The Gluten Free Expo in New Jersey and we were dazzled by her and the beautiful products.  After some time of talking, it was very clear…..that we wanted her job!  When you feast your eyes on these hard to come by imported treats, you will feel as though you meandered through a cobblestone alley into Italian specialty heaven.  (Please take us with you next time Gilda!).

Gee's Italian Gluten Free Imports For those who are gluten free, pasta can be one of the things most missed.  The rice/corn pasta options brought over by Gilda, are sure to make you take your fingers up to your pursed lips and wax poetic in Italian!

This month in addition to selling LaRosa pasta and other surprises, Gee’s Importers provided pasta so that  Nonna of City Saucery could bake some incredible looking dishes with meat and vegetarian sauces – served hot at the EatUP!  This is what happens when good folks come together.

Thank you Gilda for bringing a taste of Italy to the US.

Learn more about Gee’s here:

   Italy is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to testing and providing foods and resources for it’s celiac citizens.  In fact, all Italians are tested for celiac disease at an early age (by 6).  

Gees Chocolates Get this a load of this…

 Each Italian citizen over the age of 10 with celiac disease receives a monthly stipend of 140 euros, which can be spent on specific ]gluten-free foods (regulated by the Ministry of Health). Italians with celiac disease also receive extra vacation time to shop/prepare GF food. The Italian Celiac Association and government have done an excellent job educating restaurants on how to deal with celiac disease. There are even gluten-free meals in schools, hospitals, and all other public eating establishments. (

 What do gluten free tagliatelle, maccheroni & fusilli have in common? They’re all gettin’ baked, tossed & smothered w Nonna’s delicious tomato sauces for a decadent pasticcio. Cooked up & served by Nonna Carolina herself.