Meet the Importer: Gee’s Italian Gluten Free Imports

We are over the Luna to welcome Gilda Penna of Gee’s Gluten Free Imports, LLC   an importer of fine gluten free Italian delights, to the second Gluten-Free EatUP! this Sunday March 9.

Gees Gilda

We first met Gilda last fall at The Gluten Free Expo in New Jersey and we were dazzled by her and the beautiful products.  After some time of talking, it was very clear…..that we wanted her job!  When you feast your eyes on these hard to come by imported treats, you will feel as though you meandered through a cobblestone alley into Italian specialty heaven.  (Please take us with you next time Gilda!).

Gee's Italian Gluten Free Imports For those who are gluten free, pasta can be one of the things most missed.  The rice/corn pasta options brought over by Gilda, are sure to make you take your fingers up to your pursed lips and wax poetic in Italian!

This month in addition to selling LaRosa pasta and other surprises, Gee’s Importers provided pasta so that  Nonna of City Saucery could bake some incredible looking dishes with meat and vegetarian sauces – served hot at the EatUP!  This is what happens when good folks come together.

Thank you Gilda for bringing a taste of Italy to the US.

Learn more about Gee’s here:

   Italy is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to testing and providing foods and resources for it’s celiac citizens.  In fact, all Italians are tested for celiac disease at an early age (by 6).  

Gees Chocolates Get this a load of this…

 Each Italian citizen over the age of 10 with celiac disease receives a monthly stipend of 140 euros, which can be spent on specific ]gluten-free foods (regulated by the Ministry of Health). Italians with celiac disease also receive extra vacation time to shop/prepare GF food. The Italian Celiac Association and government have done an excellent job educating restaurants on how to deal with celiac disease. There are even gluten-free meals in schools, hospitals, and all other public eating establishments. (

 What do gluten free tagliatelle, maccheroni & fusilli have in common? They’re all gettin’ baked, tossed & smothered w Nonna’s delicious tomato sauces for a decadent pasticcio. Cooked up & served by Nonna Carolina herself.