Levine’s General Store Origins

Levine's General Store  Origins

Levine’s General Store Pop Ups. Products. Purveyor.

For ten years Deb Goldstein has been the small business owner of MissWit Designs, a successful, pop-culture line of t-shirts, promotional products and design, in Brooklyn. Upon learning about her 4-year old niece’s diagnosis of celiac autoimmune disease last year and knowing the history of both her grandmother and mother being celiac, she started to pursue a new venture.

Recognizing that although awareness and gluten free food product selections are growing at a rapid speed, there are still few places where people do not have to worry about cross contamination, or facing disbelieving ridicule from strangers. She started to dream of creating a “safe food space” where no gluten had ever entered.

Currently working towards opening a store, Levine’s General Store – Gluten Free Provisions is a progressive shop that produces foods and operates through venues such as markets, to provide some of the tastiest gluten-free foods and products. Our vibe is a journey back to our family roots, when our great-grandparents owned the local general store and provided all matter of goods to a small region of the Catskills in the town of Oliverea. Deb is a doer, an auntie, a t-shirt designer, a jokester, a social-worker, but not a candlestick maker.