Meet the Maker:

Oiy, we get faklempt just writing about Antonio “Tony” Limuaco – mad genius food scientist/designer/preneur, the Tour De Fermented Force behind Kimcheelicious, maker of the finest of aged foods since a glass of wine.

I couldn’t tell you when we first met, but no doubt it was probably at Freddy’s on Dean Street, prior to attending some protest or another against a certain structure in Brooklyn that shall remain nameless.   Or, could it have been while singing Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond, at Tony’s monthly Karaoke Night at Freddy’s. Or, was it at his knitting circle, or fermentation group, or a tasting, or a cooking demonstration at WholeFoods?  Or was it on the Facebooks, hungrily admiring the mouth watering posts about the latest food he made from simply “cleaning out the fridge.” You get the picture?  I’m pretty sure Tony doesn’t sleep, and somehow sustains the most energetic and positive spin to whatever he does. Hmmm must be the kimchee….

Aside from developing the Levine’s Gluten Free Yum Pie,  being Co-organizer of the EatUP! and our Grilled Kimcheese master of ceremonies, Tony IS Kimcheelicious, first.

Sample and take home some of his latest fermented creations, Sunday February 9.

Learn more about this Tour de Fermented Force

Our fine-aged foods are prepared as gluten-free and vegan with the utmost care but are made in a kitchen facility that also processes wheat.

Chili-rubbed Brussels sprouts Kimchee
9 oz vac-sealed pack: $7

Wasabi-rubbed Brussels sprouts Mul Kimchee
9 oz vac-sealed pack: $7

Napa Cabbage Mak Kimchee
14 oz vac-sealed pack: $8

About Kimcheelicious

Kimcheelicious  encompasses my professional life and my passion for good food and home cooked meals. I was born and raised on Guam, an island where Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese and Spanish culture have crossed paths at most of our tables. My cookbook concept is inspired by the savory, piquant, tangy flavors of Korean kimchee and the many foods with which I grew up. Kimcheelcious is an ongoing project that explores innovative ways for making and cooking with kimchee. .
Kimchee is a semi-raw fermented food—rich in vitamins and beneficial microbes (probiotics). It has an intense savory flavor that pairs well with meats, sea food, fine cheeses, wine and beer. In Korea it’s an essential part of every meal. ”

A vegan-style Napa cabbage kimchee (Baechu)

Kimcheelicious was successfully funded through Kickstarter on August 28, 2012! Thanks again to all of you for your contributions and encouragement and a very special thanks to Don, Kuhn, Kimmet and Jorge for the use of their commercial kitchen at Freddy’s Bar. You’ve helped me put Korean kimchee at the center of the American table.