Meet the Maker: Nutcase Crunch

Meet Lisa Scotto, the inspirational “health-nut” creator of NutCase Crunch the “Un-Cereal.”

It wasn’t enough for Lisa to alter her lifestyle and go from zero exercise to triathlete and CrossFit training.  Oh no, she had to take things strides further and fill a void when it came to paleo-gluten free friendly breakfast options.

From desire, need, and experimentation Nutcase Crunch – just 4 simple ingredients – was born.

Almonds, Unsweetened Coconut, Pecans and Pine Nuts – Oh my.


Come on out, Sunday February 9, meet Lisa and stock up on some Nutcase Crunch, sure to help us get through the next 100 inches of snow and winter hibernation!

You can learn more about Lisa’s health transformation, and find other inspirations on her blog at: Crunchfest