Meet the Makers: I Heart Keenwah

I first met some of the folks from I Heart Keenwah, at the Brooklyn Bazaar Night Market two winters ago.  I was still hocking my tees, and they were busy next to me selling out of their fairly new line of quinoa snacks.

chocolate sea saltWe got to talking and luckily I snagged two bags, one for me, and one for my niece.  Needless to say, we both quite enjoyed them.  Chocolate Sea Salt was my crunch of choice.   During the past few months of research for the the EatUP!, I always knew I wanted I Heart Keenwah to be there!  It has been a joy to see this company grow.  Yes, I did take a series of pictures when I saw the mini I Heart Keenwah bags ( adorable) at JFK airport a few months back.

Photo 2013-05-25 09.37.09 PM.jpgFriends and Co-Founders Fiteh, Ravi, Sarah and Terah.

In their own words:

i heart keenwah was started by four friends: Fiteh, Ravi, Sarah, and Terah after touring Bolivia and learning about the versatility of an awesome little seed called quinoa, we returned home frustrated by the lack of ready-to-eat quinoa options. we decided to do something about it and got to work in the kitchen, mixing quinoa with other all-natural ingredients to craft a crunchy, sweet treat that satisfied our cravings.

Meet quinoa (pronounced keen-wah). its known by the andean peoples of south america as the “mother of all grains,” and touted by health experts as the only whole grain that’s a complete source of protein  containing all nine essential amino acids. it makes for a delicious and fulfilling snack when we mix it up with other all-natural ingredients.

We are happy to have the NY co-founder Ravi Jolly at the first market on Sunday February 9!  Sending a hearty shout out and thank you to the rest of the gang in Ohio and Chicago, for their support and participation in the EatUP!.

Learn more about these Certified Gluten-Free morsels of quinoa at
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