Meet the Makers: Chic-a-Peas

demo at #foodcellar in LIC, NY
Meet David Levi & Darren Shlisky – the “crunchcreators” of Chic-a-Peas baked snacks.  We are big proponents of accidental discoveries turned into purposeful adventures.  Enter Chic-a-Peas, a Kickstarter and snack success story. Producing out of the Long Island City Entrepreneurial Space, in their words:

“We love food and we love being healthy. This is the simple recipe behind chic-a-peas. Our names are Dave and Darren. We are two friends that discovered chic-a-peas by “snack-cident.” In our cramped NYC apartment, we left our dinner in the oven for too long. After the smoke alarm went off and we took out our chickpeas, we discovered a surprisingly crispy and delicious snack. It was at this moment that our idea for chic-a-peas was born. (True Story!)

WHAT ARE CHIC-A-PEAS? chic-a-peas are a baked, delicious and healthy snack. Made from all natural ingredients, they are protein packed, full of fiber and low in fat.Ingredients: chickpeas, safflower oil, spices… That’s it. No weird ingredients!”


Move over popcorn – there is a new crunch in town.  Certified and made in a dedicated Gluten Free Facility, we are looking forward to welcoming David and Darren to the first Gluten-Free EatUP!

We think you will become immediately enamored – saddle up to the bar with your gluten free beer and a bag of Chic-a-Peas.

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