Meet the Maker: Krumville Bake Shop

Hello Happyville!


I learned about Krumville Bake Shop  and Antonella Zangheri’s gluten-free focaccia upon researching local bread makers.  A friend and I had to. get this bread. into. our. mouths. asap!  We finally met Antonella at the Brooklyn Eats food show this past June.  She immediately gave us a taste and showed us around her gorgeous 100% gluten-free facility in the old Pfizer building in Williamsburg.   We hit it off right away.   (Could it also be due to the fact that the town of Krumville in Ulster County, is the town next to Oliverea where my great-grandparents owned the original Levine General Store? hmmm).

Get yourself to the EatUP! early, as her tarts, amaretto cookies and focaccia are sure to go fast. Krumville Bake Shop has grown immensely in just the past 7 months since we met, that we are so happy she will be at the market to present her work.     Learn more at

Krumville Bake Shop founder Antonella Zangheri creates inventive focaccia, cookies, and muffins that celebrate her rich culinary Italian and Dutch upbringing — minus the gluten! Antonella grew up in Emilia Romagna, a region of Italy famous for its rich culinary heritage. In 2009, she was diagnosed with celiac disease and had to give up many of the foods she grew up eating. Disappointed with the gluten-free products available, she saw a need for more exciting options. That’s when Krumville Bake Shop was born!

Krumville’s mission is to provide wholesome, fresh, and delicious gluten-free products using only the best ingredients. None of our products contain any GMOs, artificial flavorings or preservatives. We use flour blends that are high in whole grains (sorghum, brown rice, millet) and utilize a vast selection of ancient grains. Our special flour blends give our baked goods a unique flavor and extraordinary texture. To limit the use of refined sugar, we use agave nectar as much as possible.